Ready to Pay? We've got options.

For any of these methods, make sure to email me or put a note with your team name and email address along with your payment.

The registration for each team costs $50 for the year. You have the following options to pay your entry:

  1. Find Nick Siemsen on Venmo and send $50.
  2. Send money to through Square Cash. Again, this would be $50.
  3. Bitcoin: my wallet is 1A1e8pEBYFh6XJVMfvUJvHPFFZC9GT3se3, or send to through Coinbase.
  4. Chase Quick Pay. My Chase bank email address is
  5. Send a check for $50 to Nick Siemsen.
    Address is:
    313 Robin Hood Lane
    Costa Mesa, CA 92627

About This

This is the family & friends version of our annual football pool. You wager every week on one game and try to accumulate points throughout the season/postseason.

Register Here

Good luck.


Nick Siemsen