How does this work?

Our annual Football Pool is right around the corner and we would love for you to join us this year. The website is still being fine tuned however you are able to register your team and get a general feel for things. The rules are as follows:

  • $50 entry
  • Everyone starts with 1000 pts
  • You may bet between 50-200 each week during the regular season on ONE team against the spread (Thursday's LA TImes lines are used).
  • You win, you get the points; you lose, you lose the points; easy stuff.
  • Two byes for each team during the season.
  • All betting caps are lifted for the playoffs.
  • Rebuys are allowed until just before week 9. You can rebuy anytime BEFORE week 9 starts for $50. This $50 gets you 500 points

  • This website is where you enter your pick, view past picks, trends amongst other teams and more. We will be putting together weekly updates to add to the fun. Last year, we had 40 teams with first place taking more than $1,000. We are very confident that number will grow significantly this year. You all likely play in fantasy leagues so why not add another component to your NFL Sundays!

About This

This is the family & friends version of our annual football pool. You wager every week on one game and try to accumulate points throughout the season/postseason.

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Good luck.


Nick Siemsen